How Billing Works

At No Support Linux Hosting, we charge $1 per month per website. We have a completely straight forward billing system. This page explains our how our billing system works.

Free Sign Up

The first step is to use the sign up page to get your free No Support Linux Hosting account. As soon as you complete the signup, your login details will be emailed to you. The sign up process is completely free. You do not even need to supply billing details to sign up.

Billing Credits

You can think of billing credits as a piggy bank. You can submit billing credits and then use those billing credits to pay for the monthly hosting fee of $1 per website. We let users submit billing credits using PayPal.

You can submit billing credits at any time. You can select how many billing credits you would like to submit. Our only requirement is that you submit at least $12 at a time. That amounts to a year of hosting for one site or a month of hosting for twelve sites. We require this minimum deposit amount because PayPal charges us a flat fee plus a percent on each transaction. If we let users submit $1 at a time, the transaction processing fees at PayPal would consume a third of every dollar we collect.

Once you have signed up for a No Support Linux Hosting account and received your login details, you can use the login details to access our Admin section. The admin section is where you can create websites. Before you create any websites, you will need to submit some billing credits using the Add Funds option in the admin section.

Create a Website

You can create websites as soon as you have deposited billing credits into your No Support Linux Hosting account. Our create website page is located in our admin section. There is no setup or creation fee for websites. The only fee is the monthly $1 fee that is drawn out of the billing credits that you submit.

Monthly Fee

On the first day of each month, a fee of $1 is drawn from your billing credits for each website that exists in your No Support Linux Hosting account. There are no other fees. If you run out of billing credits, will need to add funds to your account using the Add Funds page in our Admin section. We never charge your PayPal account without you initiating the transaction using our Add Funds page, so you do not need to worry about any billing surprises.

Flexible Billing Credits

The billing credits are tied to your No Support Linux Hosting account, not a specific website. This is important because it adds flexibility. You can host multiple websites in your account, and there is no minimum contract length for your websites. You can create and delete them as you need to. This is an ideal solution for users with multiple websites and users planning to resell hosting services.