Uptime is everything at No Support Linux Hosting, because our customers have no reason to contact us for support as long as our servers are never down. We built our own high availability cloud hosting platform using Xen Cloud Platform and SuperMicro Blade Centers to maximize uptime and performance. We have delivered an average uptime of 99.99% since we launched No Support Linux Hosting.

For maximum file system performance, we built our own custom SANs (storage area networks) using ZFS. Our SANs have SSD drives to cache the most frequently used data blocks, which means the file system performance is extremely fast. We have blogged about ZFS based storage at ZFSBuild.com and published an article about ZFS based storage at AnandTech.

Each of our current SAN units have 20 drives in RAID 10 plus 320GB of SSD caching and 12GB RAM caching. A typical competitor with a single SATA drive can deliver only about 100 IOPS. Our custom built ZFS based SANs can deliver 10,000 to 20,000 IOPS. This gives us a massive performance advantage over most of our competitors. Additionally, we are currently designing our next generation of ZFS based storage that should be able to deliver 100,000 IOPS.

At No Support Linux Hosting, we do everything we can to ensure uptime and fast performance. However, we also have enough experience to realize that things do go wrong from time to time, so we actively monitor every service running on every No Support Linux Hosting server. Our monitoring service automatically pages our staff members within minutes, so problems can be resolved quickly.

No Support Linux Hosting delivers fast, reliable web hosting at the $1/month price point. We are faster and more reliable than most of the higher cost web hosting companies on the market. If you are an expert who wants fast, reliable web hosting and does not need help with amateur questions, sign up today.