Things You Will Need to Know

At No Support Linux Hosting, we ignore the support questions and pass the savings on to you. Our servers are fast and reliable, and we do an excellent job of managing our servers to keep everything running smoothly. We do not answer amateur questions, though. To successfully use the No Support Linux Hosting service, there are a few things you will need to know how to handle for yourself.

Register Domain Name

You will need to know how to register a domain name with your favorite domain registrar. We do not register domains for you. If you plan to register multiple domain names and do not already have a favorite registrar, you should check out OpenSRS. OpenSRS is a domain registration service that was founded by TuCows. For a complete list of domain name registrars, check out the ICANN-Accredited Registrars list.

Change DNS Servers for Domain

Once you have a registered domain name, you will need to be able to modify the DNS servers responsible for the domain name. The DNS servers listed for your domain name will handle the DNS resolution for your domain. You can use our DNS servers or any 3rd party custom DNS hosting service of your choice.

If you want to use our DNS Servers, you will need to create the website before you can find out which DNS servers to use. Our create website scripts will automatically place the new website on our least loaded web server, so the DNS servers listed for your sites will vary. After you create a website, you can select to Edit the Website and it will show you which DNS servers to use for your website.

Create a Website

This is the easy part. We built an extremely easy to use interface for creating websites. Our create website page is located in our admin section. Use the login details from your welcome email to access the admin section. The welcome details are emailed to you when you complete the sign up page.

Each website you create will get its own cPanel login. The cPanel login details for each site are shown in the Edit Website page of the admin section after you have created a website.

Using cPanel

Each site can be managed through its own cPanel login. There are help videos located in cPanel that can be viewed once you are logged into cPanel. The official cPanel website has excellent resources that explain how to use cPanel.


We expect our clients to keep and maintain their own up to date backups on the client side. You can take backups through the cPanel interface. Any time you update your site, it is a good idea to take backups and store them on your local computer. Click on backups and then grab the web files, databases, and email accounts separately. Don't do the "full" backup option because your login does not have enough privileges to execute a "full" restore. Use each of the "partial" backup options to grab your content and store it locally. There is a video tutorial in cPanel in the backup section that can be very helpful.

Find Your Own Answers

If you are trying to install a web application or configure software to connect to something in your account, it will be up to you to figure out how to do it. We do not answer support questions, but the Internet is covered with helpful articles that explain how to do nearly everything imaginable. Use Google to search for the answers.

Also, check out popular forums such as Web Hosting Talk or DevShed.