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When we first launched No Support Linux Hosting, some people were understandably skeptical. Web Hosting is generally considered to be a service style business and the center of service within the web hosting industry is often the technical support staff. Over the past couple of years, we have managed to change that perception. No Support Linux Hosting has popularized fast, reliable, and cheap web hosting without amateur-centric technical support.

The October 2011 issue of Web Host Industry Review magazine included an article titled "The Killer Business Model" that highlighted No Support Linux Hosting and our commitment to ignoring support questions and passing the savings on to you.

During the keynote speech at the 2011 cPanel Summit, Ditlev Bredahl (CEO of OnApp), singled out No Support Linux Hosting as a company with a simple, but fairly ingenious premise.

PING! ZINE Web Tech Magazine mentioned No Support Linux Hosting as one of the most innovative web hosting services being offered in the article titled "Defining Your Business Model."

No Support Linux Hosting staff members blogged about building ZFS based storage area networks on Then we wrote an article about ZFS for Anandtech.

Tom's Hardware featured No Support Linux Hosting in an article about using SSD drives in data centers.

We are huge fans of WordPress. posted an article about using No Support Linux Hosting for "Reliable Hosting on the Cheap" for blogging websites. posted an article about using No Support Linux Hosting in an article titled "How To Host Websites Reliably At 1$/Month". This article was written by a No Support Linux Hosting customer, and the article includes performance and uptime measurements (99.96% uptime) of the user's site hosted at No Support Linux Hosting.

We are active members of the Web Hosting Talk forum, posting as NoSupportLinuxHostin. We answer questions on a broad range of topics, including, blogging, server configuration, running a web hosting business, server hardware, RAID, SAN, etc. We enjoy being members of the online community where we can discuss all of the exciting topics within the web hosting industry.

The first time we said "We ignore the support questions and pass the savings on to you", some people thought we were nuts, but not anymore. We have earned their trust month after month, and year after year by delivering exactly what we said we would. No Support Linux Hosting delivers fast, reliable, and cheap web hosting to experts who don't ask amateur questions.