We have some common sense limitations on what is allowed. We do not host spammers, hackers, software pirates, music or movie pirates. We do not host anything that is illegal. We do not host music or videos. If you need to host videos, use YouTube and just link to the video at YouTube.

We do not allow any website to monopolize CPU, memory, bandwidth, or disk IO resources. If you have a site that hogs resources, we will disable the site. One dollar per month shared hosting is not the correct place for a site that needs a lot of dedicated server resources.

We include SNI based SSL options in cPanel. SNI based SSL is a type of SSL supported by all modern browsers. SNI based SSL does not require a dedicated IP per SSL site. We do not offer additional dedicated IP addresses for SSL. While we do allow SSL, that does not mean we allow busy e-commerce sites. Busy shopping cart sites simply don't fit well with $1/month shared hosting.

Each website in your account can use up to 1GB of disk space and 30GB of monthly bandwidth. These resource limits are enough for most normal websites. Each website can set up 3 databases and 25 email accounts.