Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of real questions that we receive most often at No Support Linux Hosting and the answers to those popular questions.

Is this for real?

Yes, No Support Linux Hosting is definitely for real. We host thousands of websites for happy expert customers around the world.

Is SSH access included?

Yes, Jailed SSH support is included by default with every cPanel account.

Do we really ignore all of the questions?

Just the stupid ones. Try to find your own answers first using Google. If you cannot find an answer or if it is question specific to our company, contact us at

What version of PHP is included?

PHP 5.6 is the default version installed on our web servers. Other versions of PHP are available through PHP Version Selector in cPanel. You can select PHP 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, or 7.1. Our PHP Selector also lets you select which PHP modules you want to use within the PHP version you have selected.

What PHP modules are installed?

Many popular PHP modules including PDO (SQLite & MySQL submodules), GD, cURL, OpenSSL are preinstalled. You can upload a PHP page with the phpinfo command to your site to see more details about specifically what is offered.

Is IonCube installed?

Yes, IonCube is preinstalled on all of our servers.

Is mod_rewrite installed?

Yes, mod_rewrite is preinstalled on all of our servers.

Is FTP supported?

Yes, FTP support is included. You can use FTP to upload files to your account. We do not allow anonymous FTP, though.

Are Ruby, Python, and Java available?

No, we do not include Ruby, Python, or Java. We do include PHP and MySQL. If you need Ruby, Python, and Java, then you should look for a VPS or dedicated server instead of low cost shared hosting.

Are server side includes (SSI) supported?

Yes, all of our web servers have server side includes enabled by default. You can create .shtml files if you want to use server side includes (SSI).

Can SSL be used on websites?

Yes, you can set up SSL on your website(s) using SNI. We do not offer any dedicated IP based SSL options for supporting outdated browsers, though. If you decide to set up SNI based SSL on your website(s), you will be responsible for either purchasing the SSL cert (from an SSL vendor) or using a self-generated cert.

Can I install other network services?

No, we do not let customers install additional network services. If you need to install additional network services, you should look at No Support VPS Hosting.

What about root access?

We do not give you root access with our standard shared hosting style offering. If you need root access, then you should look for a VPS or dedicated server instead of low cost shared hosting.

Is IPv6 supported?


Do you offer dedicated IPs for sites?

No. We do offer SNI based SSL option in cPanel, so dedicated IP addresses are not needed for individual sites.

Can I host something other than a website?

No. We only host standard websites. We do not host custom applications such as gaming servers or compute servers.

Do you offer any larger plans?

We only offer the $1/month plan.

Do you have options to put sites across different "Class C" ranges for "SEO" reasons?

No. We do not organize network and server resources around SEO related myths.

Where are your servers located?

Iowa in the USA.

Do you offer VPS hosting?

We do offer VPS hosting through our sister brand No Support VPS Hosting.

Do you offer dedicated server hosting or colocation hosting options?

We do not current offer dedicated server hosting or colocation hosting options. Our primary focus is on shared hosting ( and VPS hosting (No Support VPS Hosting).

Do you accept payments other than PayPal?

We only accept payments through PayPal. We do this because requiring a valid PayPal account is a good way to filter a lot of potential fraud.

Do any of your servers run Debian or Ubuntu?

No. You cannot install cPanel on Debian or Ubuntu, so Debian and Ubuntu won't work for cPanel powered web hosting.

Can I test without any domain name?

You will need a domain name. We do not offer any way to testing a site without a domain name.

Do you own your servers or you are reseller?

We own the servers. We are not resellers.

Is web hosting your primary business?

Web hosting is definitely our primary business. We have been providing web hosting services since 1997 through a variety of web hosting brands. We launched the No Support Linux Hosting brand in 2009.

Do the web servers run Linux and cPanel?

Yes, our web servers run CloudLinux (based on CentOS Linux) and have cPanel installed.