Amateur Questions That We Ignore

At No Support Linux Hosting, we ignore the support questions and pass the savings on to you. Why do we do that? Well, we have worked throughout the industry and seen first hand how many resources are being wasted on dumb amateur questions at other hosting companies. After answering these types of questions for several years, it made perfect sense to launch No Support Linux Hosting, a service that focuses on the needs of experts instead of amateurs. Here are some examples of amateur questions that inflate the cost of web hosting for everybody at other hosting companies.

My site no worky

This was a "question" sent to a tech via email when the tech worked at a support group at another hosting company back in 1998. The amateur user did not include any useful information about what site he was referring to or what specifically about the site was not working. To top it off, the person actually used the word "worky", which sounds like something a three year old would say.

Why does my site load fast locally but is really slow loading over the Internet?

This question was handled by one of our techs at a previous hosting company in 1997. The tech asked a number of questions and eventually figured out what was wrong. The user had over 2MB of animated GIF files on their homepage. Back in 1997, that user's link to the Internet was a dial up modem. The page loaded fast locally because it was simply accessing local files. The site loaded slowly over the Internet because a dial up modem was a very slow device and 2MB of content was a lot to feed through a dial up modem. This of course, was something the user should have known but needed help from support to figure out.

I can't get email to work. I think it stopped working days ago.

Everybody in the support side of the hosting industry is pretty tired of users reporting email related problems. In nearly every case, the end user is doing something stupid and assuming the hosting company's servers are to blame, so they call the hosting company for help. The most common email related issue is when a customer forgets to renew his domain name and then the registrar shuts off the domain name. The user never notices their website is down, even though if they checked it they would see that it has a big message from the registrar on the top of the page. The user just assumes the hosting company's email server is down and gives them a call. If the user would take a minute and check their site in a browser, they would already know what was wrong and how to fix it themselves.

Did you hear about the government conspiring with oil companies to keep water burning cars off the road?

This is an actual question from an actual customer at a hosting company one of our techs used to work with. The user was obviously just bored, lonely, and a little nutty. There was nothing wrong in their account. The user had no question relating to anything in the web hosting industry. They just called up support so they could discuss goofy conspiracy theories with somebody. Stupid users like this are driving up the cost of web hosting at a lot of companies out there. It is really sad. We have heard stories about users calling hosting companies to discuss Elvis sightings, but none of us here at No Support Linux Hosting have been "lucky" enough to field one of the Elvis calls.

What is PHP and how I use it?

This is one of the more common questions seen throughout the web hosting industry. Some user heard some other user say something cool about PHP. So instead of using Google to find out more about PHP, the user decided to call her web hosting company. Meanwhile, she is driving up the cost of hosting. In the call, the user is refered to the website, which is the first link Google would have shown her if she had tried searching.

Want use mysql how?

Nobody would dare ask this user to use complete sentences or use Google to search for information, so this amateur drove up prices by calling in with this amateur question. The user was rewarded with the URL, which is the first link shown if the user would have searched Google.

I want a cool looking website, but I am too lazy to do it myself. Will you make a cool looking site for me?

Well, at least the guy used complete sentences and asked politely. But realistically, it is bad enough that he is tying up the support line with a question like that. There is no reason for any user to think that somebody at a hosting company is going to do a bunch of free design work for them. That is just silly. I do have to hand it to the guy for being honest about being lazy, though. That takes heart.

How do I install WordPress?

WordPress is one of the easiest PHP applications to install. Anybody who has trouble installing it is just too lazy to read the instructions. We don't want to sound rude, but it seriously is that easy to install. Anyway, one day a tech got this question from a user. The tech copied the user's question directly from the email and pasted it directly into Google. The first link was a detailed article answering the question perfectly. The tech pasted the URL ( into an email and sent it to the customer. The user should have easily been capable of typing the question into Google instead of contacting support.